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Consent to processing of personal data

By providing their personal data User agrees to processing, holding and usage of their personal data by operation of Federal Law № 152 «Personal Data Usage» 2006, July, 27th, for the following purposes:

  1. Implementation of client support
  2. Mailout of marketing events information
  3. Performance of an audit and other kind of research for the purpose of provided services' refinement

By personal data we mean any kind of personal information that helps establish identity of User/Customer, namely:

  1. Surname, Name, Patronymic Name
  2. Date of Birth
  3. Telephone Number
  4. E-mail Address
  5. Post Address

Users' personal data are entirely stored on the electronic media and processed with the use of automated systems, except for the situations when manual processing of personal data is needed due to the requirements of legislation. The company is obliged not to pass received personal data to a third party, except for the following cases:

  1. Appropriate Russian governmental authorities' inquiries on the ground of and in accordance with the Constitution of the Russian Federation.
  2. Strategic partners that work with the Company, grant their products and services and help the Company to deliver products and services to the customers. We pass the minimum dose of personal data to the third party, if the data are necessary for service delivery of implementation of a transaction.

The company reserves the right to amend in the existing rules on a unilateral basis, upon condition, that the changes don't contradict with the present Russian Law. The change in present rules comes into effect post-publication on the web-site.